The word ‘ Yes ‘ provides varieties of experience in our living standards. We, the human being , utter word as a predominant factor for living level. Whatever we speak , our characteristics exposes the way we utter our syllable.

When we think of doing something, We, normally, express negative sign about our surroundings as well as our Human beings in all circumstances.

To quote this writing to generate positive energy to my life path,
I write my feelings and my activities from younger stage.

As usual to all first male child, My child period was celebrated a bit extra for certain period of my life.

My Birth Day was used to celebrate with the Silambattam. Yearly My birthday was a Celebration day in societal manner, the day when Veera Pandiya Tharkappu Kalaikudam was started. My Photo block was printed in the yearly notice for the yearly festival of the Ponmalai Ponneswari Amman Temple. Along with that, the Silambattam procession was held in Ponmalai Ponneswari Amman Chariot

That yearly Silambattam function was held more than 5 years. But, I was learning Silambattam from my eldest Chittappa Mr.Duraisamy, only after passing 11th Standard.

When we play in any games, we try all our operations with the winning attitudes. But the moments when we toil ourselves with the game events we face difficulty in succeeding the game.

Why, what is the reason ?

During my school days, I did not have a chance to play cricket , I had practiced in my college days, I started as a fielder on the first session.

After that , I had promoted as a opener in the cricket inthe junior league level. My sustained failured on the batting , I was in a position to be as an opener.

My reading in positive notes helped me lot during my carrier.

I study Tamil Ananda Vikatan magazines in my regular reading.

The regular column of the book consists of stories and some articles about personality development.

In the circumstances, I noted one article , which was described our life improvement.

The Author of the article was Dr. M.S. Udayamurthy.

He wrote some articles from USA to Ananda Vikatan Magazines and converted it as a Book. One of his popular books is still the book called
‘ Ennangal ‘.

In that book, he wrote one remarkable sentence ‘ Have Pleasant appearance and keep smiling ‘ . And also he stressed that Human beings biggest enemy of their life is Fear and Anger.

Yes, the human beings successful events would happen only by avoiding anger and fear.

This quote is the turning point of my life.

Phone , Automation etc.,

The Societal activities are permanent solution for all human beings. My activities were in primary school was not a remarkable one.
My grand father was retired in 1961 as a RPF from Indian Railway.

During that period, My father was working in S.Rly . Father was devoting his basic action in Communist Party existing at that time.
He was Solitary Members during that period.

When My father attended Executive Meeting at CPI HQ. Chennai,
I accompanied along with him. When the Executive Committee meeting was held in that place,
I was playing next to that hall. The Telephone was ringing,
Immediately, I took the receiver and said Hello.
That was my First experience in Telephone.

Though We were playing our friends by some empty match box connecting with thread , in real , Such occasion was in my memory for ever in my life.

Yes, really the Telephone is one of the instrument changing our communication in certain aspects.

Communication is one of the major action for societal action in this era.

Now the communication is penetrating in real show with
Worldwide level in a minute.

This sort of imagination is ever in our memory.

Our fruitful thinking provides varieties of expertise in the Automation level.

This is a way for generating capital formation in materialistic way. Capital formation is only a way for accumulating wealth for certain groups of people .

It is no way helpful for all human beings.
All kind of knowledge sharing is the only beneficial for the humanbeings what they gather during the way of life . It is a periodical benevolence to their life. The younger generation should equip themselves to retain a commendable position.

But, the technological upgration may not be relevant to the next-generation.

The subsequent level of generation should know the current trend also, so as to travel the next level of operations.

In my life, I faced failure in every walk of my adolescent stages.

Though the level of education is updating socio, scientific technological trends with characteristics formation . But in reality, the subject level is tested with examination by securing Mark’s.

Remembering the facts and figures is completely differing from the actual way of life. I scored few Mark’s only during my high school stages due to various reasons.

My health conditions was one of the factors for scoring low marks in examinations and style of my handwriting was another strategy for getting low marks.

Though the regular I allotted for my study, my concentration was not up to that top level in presenting the subject effectively.

Up to my elementary school , I managed to score higher marks within 10 position in the elementary school. My 1st Standard Teacher motivated me to understand the subject well. I was maintained within 10th rank upto Fifth standard.

My grandfather was jovial and emphasising to concentrate my studies well along with my family members. The first failure was occurred when I got TCmy transfer certificate from Elementary School , I accompanied with my Grand Father and received the transfer certificate and likely to join the next day. My grandfather inserted into Brick Porch. During that night, heavy wind was slashed and the TC couldn’t see anywhere else. We traced it. It was near the dustbin without any particulars.

Next we tried to get new duplicate TC and joined the high school. My 6th Standard Class teacher was Retired Military Man. He would say all his military service story in the class hour. That Teacher was the first man to identify myself what is true and false story in real life.

My concentration was lacking in, due to various reasons.

The method of teaching and remembrance of the facts and figures is the core effect of learning. Furnishing the details of any subjects is the testing the knowledge of a learned person . My level of understanding the subjects is in fact very critical to me until I involve myself.

The Ex. Military Class teacher at my 6th Standards was explaining the English subjects very clearly. Sometimes, in the afternoon session, the class was very dull.

Once I played with needle shaped Geometry Box . I was sitting in the front bench. That needle was rotated and went into my class teacher pant and fell down. He used to punish the students by asking the leader in the class to lay down on the bench and hit the misbehaviour students with lathi by removing the trousers just below the hip portion of my backside. I was most embarrassing at that moment.

It is my habit whenever the punishment is given , my moral behaviour would be lacking to a large extent.

I tried my level best to acquire within 10th rank. I was failed most of the time in my high school stage.

Study Vs. Understanding

The periodical changes happening in our existence is the essential for requirements for human beings. The growth of the existence is purely based upon our ability to grasp various basic needs. The Historical events is of course the written scripts and the availability of remnants what is prevailed at present.

The written scripts was quoted in the palm leaves which was translated from the understanding of coding the leaflets. It can be manifested with the favour of the writers.

Simply, memorizing the facts and figures of the Historical events doesn’t reflect the true picture of the previous existences. Whatever is prescribed in the syllabus of the science is quite different from the present adoption in scientific and industrial strategies.

Scientific Laws is the primary strategies for understanding the events of the existences. Linking the Industrial practical exposures is the basis for the students scientific industrial relevances in the field of scientific technological facts.

The reality show in the picture exposes clear understanding in the adolescence stages. Mere memorising the facts of scientific would not give clear meaning of the universal existences.

Local Affairs:
The Regular way of learning in schools and colleges is varied from the way we understand in local places. It is a way for all human beings.
Whatever is framed in syllables in any schools and colleges are systemised with the localised affairs.
The surrounding places is the most determining factor for the system of learning in regularising the events happening along with the local environmental factors.

Practising in regular activities with his own action is the primary understanding of any human beings. Without this strategy, memorising would not render any stage to link the subjects in details, it is futile effort for learning at any levels.
At any stage of their life cycle, the syllabus or any subjects or any test or any examination would not give much benefit in relevance of education. Passing of examination and securing of marks is a constraints in certain categories of students.

I was one of such category at my High school days in learning with memorizing the facts and figures in difficult manner and securing the marks at the bottom most level of students.The universal understanding on any subjects is quite varied and wide. Everyday and in Every way, the progressive movement in any sectors is improving lot.

It is to be in adequate stage so as to keep certain level for all basic survival necessities for human life.

Mother tongue is the basis for our understanding in various subjects. The vocabulary improvement in every walk of our life is so essential to keep our learning for maximising our utility power in the universal activities.

My father was directing his entire life on social activities which was in favour of labour movement along with Commmunist Party of India. But my involvement during my adolescent stage was quite below normal. Frequently, my health condition was very weak. Every year, I used to face lot of difficulties in maintaining my body. It is still continuing periodically.

I was started to read only stories in my school library. Ambuli Mama in tamil and other small stories was my reading strategy. My involvment in sports activities was also in primary stage level in all games with periodical participation. My winning in sports was occassional.

During my school days, I used to play Ball Badminton as well as Kattai Bat after school hours. Of course, I won many times.  All other games I played sometimes.

I took Biology as special subject in 9 to 11th standard. I didnot have methodical study. I tried many times to score highmarks. 

I scored very just above the below level students. My presentation on my examination was not well.

My special interest in any subject is not very clear in my 10th standard.
The School administration decided to keep as a Biology for my optional papers in my 10th std and 11th std. My drawing was not upto even the standard level. In the 10th std, I scored little higher Marks in biology subjects.
The study energy level for my 10th and 11th standard was completeley
dry, Since the time for my school was started at 7.00 a.m. and ended at 7.30 p.m., The concentration for studying examination point of view was completely different from understanding the subjects. It is essential for everyone of us is to have valuable guidance for understanding the reality of the existences. The energy required for presenting the subjects at the examination hall is one time measurement.


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