Human Separatism

We are evolving ourselves in various stages , we tried our level in all feasible ways to
have a systematic progress.

Sometimes it may not be in our desired level. Another trial measure has been added to the existing structure in order to obtain the desired level.

At the beginning of our human life formation, we fulfilled our living with available resources. Our first requirement was to satisfy our basic needs. The predominant situation of our life sustainability was to preserve our living cells with the available foodstuff without knowing what they were doing.

Our ancestors were first involved themselves with this basic action only. They were stranded and fulfilled their starvation wherever and whenever the eating resources was available.

At first, they feared, if any moving creatures, with the vulnerable attacking position. Then, they tried to hide themselves and attacked the insects and some small creatures.

Before that, they had practiced of eating small plants which was available freely.

They lived isolated in their group. They weren’t in a position to speak any oral communication. They could manage themselves with waving hands and signals which were formulated themselves. The code word what one group was used would be different from other group, so as to maintain the secret messages themselves in order to maintain a good relationships within that. Other creatures were fulfilled their starvation with or without any seasonal trends. Human beings were very silent survivors during those days. The strongest and biggest creatures were fought and ate even with the opponent living animals in the living condition. A task ahead for themselves during those days were their survival and fulfilled their starvation
Living places became Palaces after long time.
The availability of water was the primary criteria for staying and living in a particular area. The evidences of such cultural existences was available under the Vaigai River belt in South India.

The Historical factual information was mostly available in the under ground . Whatever the remnants was completely destroyed by opponents and built their establishment . The excavation of such facts were mostly guess and glue. Hence, our ancestors were instructing to the kith and kins with their stories. The stories could not inform to all the time by the male members. Therefore, the eldest female members were developed the stories in accordance with their whims and fancies of various incidences.

The Human beings natural tendency is to win-win situation for ever. The quarrel and skirmishes was happened during those days were primarily the sharing of food materials with their group members. Then they formed a group themselves and nominate the group head for the places maintenance.

At a later stage, the group leaders try dominate the areas and lead the entire surrounding places for having majestic life in the surrounding fields.

Whatever the group leaders say, others must obey the leaders instruction.

With the support of the number of individuals and the leaders, they tried to protect themselves with other natural destructions and other group members intervention.

The real information was available only with the scholars who can moderate themselves with their own favoured writing scripts.
Hence whatever is quoted in their written materials is a super man in all sense chosen by the group members.
The other groups who were deprived the favoured conditions is always in the bottom most living condition in our historical atmosphere. The same situation is continuing ever since in the human living cells.

All such strata were grouped in and called themselves as a separate group with some name for identity.

The construction of house is essential factor survival. Safety of our body is the supreme requirement for human living. Understanding human body with the soul is the primary level of humanity existence.

The interest in the form of a constructing a house is in different form for the survival. It becomes different fashion for the houses to maintain the sophisticated living condition. The leading groups becomes hero of each living places. It becomes palaces.
Human identity.
Understanding the human living cells is the basic form for the living condition. Different living cells is formed together and arrange to connect and multiply themselves and framed as a body of organism. Male and female love together to have a beautiful understanding and join together with embracing of their body and connecting the reproductive organs to get a nuclear cells. These nuclear cells multiply themselves and arrange to frame a simple structure of human body in female body.

These identical small human organs becomes a kid for the couple. These identical cells is generating operating and developing a new frame of human cells until that cells framing in its operations successfully with solitary conditions.
This is the critical changes for the human history. Every young cell generates on its owns with the new structure of the cell; it is functioning with that new cell; develops its maximum size and refurbish on the existing structure. This is normal functioning on the existing structure for the living conditions of the cell.
Existence of the human living cells continue on its operation with the existing position is quite normal functioning of cell structures of the entire human body.
This is the way for human development of the body structure. As long as the cell structure function, a human being is also in living condition. After the cell loses its grip, the duration of the cell function slowly deteriorates its position.
It is periodical function of the human cells and as well as all living cells in the universe. The living conditions of the existing place is the primary factor of determining living successfully in that place.

Group Formation in living places.
As long as the generation lives in a particular place only with the present trend of earning capacity. The Human pattern of development is considered to be as the best atmosphere as long as the benefits and facilities in favour of human being in that place.
In the olden days, the favoured locations for living was near the water facilities areas. The differences among the groups was mostly with the living strata of varieties of skills with the existing useful products.
A person or group of people was selected among them to have common maintenance of that places with the necessary security.
The requirement of such group was formed for safeguarding the human beings and the possession of materials what was gathered during the day time. Formation of character in the group was and is the most challenging factor for human being. Such formation of character was not expecting with any living creatures or animals. Sense and Sensibility and ability to understand in different method is the most predominant factor for human survival in a desired manner.
The other animals satisfy its basic requirement with eating and finding some shelters where it is convenient for its existence. Human beings after certain period of existence in that area, they liked to stay in that place with all the necessary amenities which was protecting the living conditions from all other animals apart from the natural calamities which was used to occur in rainy seasons as well as in drought conditions.

Story Existence
The real life was explained and manipulated in relevance of the situation in favour of the group who were formed themselves as hero or one who were in a postion to form in the written materials or in picture permanently in rock or any fixed structures what ever was available at that time in the form of historical facts.

The reality of things is quite different from one circumstances to another. The evident for the existing things what we obtained in the historical places. The story what is explained in the Epic categorically stressing the importance of maintaining good relationships with to one another. In real situation it was completely varied .

The Humanbeings try to rule the place where they live. Though the living situations is so warranted to have a congenial atmosphere with all human beings. Sometimes the surroundings would not be in favour for each individual sophisticated level.

When they find some inconvenience, they would make quarrel for survival.

Peasants who tilled in the land for agricultural products try their level best to produce the maximum quantity within their meagre property.

The surplus of their produces mostly stored in their existing facilities near the fertile land. Whatever the excess quantity available, the farmers exchange their produces.

Sometimes, they shared their produces with their neighbour living people free of cost. The time consuming for paddies and its related produces would be more.

In their leisure time, the story narration about the natural existence would be in their imagination in order to control the other coexistence people.

The story was purely in their imaginations. These sort of imagination would cope up with, in order to maintain regulation in their groups, even with siblings.

Historically age old stories interpreted in their way and all the difficulties faced with opponents were overcome and favoured the Hero’s who dominate in the society.

These local Hero’s who dominate in the society tried to accommodate more areas in the land and ruled over that places till their old ages.

Human Beings try to dominate the society with their forefathers evidence of storytelling what actually quoted in Epic with the narration of God existence in their own style. Is it any way beneficial to the common with the blind faith of Story telling from the same old their Sacred books? It is promoting their religious concepts rather than improving the common folks in the society. Whoever promulgating the good concept in the society in the form of poem or preach the importance of integration considered to be as a men of genius. Whoever followed those scripts which was not understood by a commonman formed themselves as a group of superior level. Whatever they say in common for the goodness of the society as a respectable men, even by a ruled man.
The poem recital by those poets were always praising the rulers and kept their ministries as a advisors.

The concept of story telling emphasizes the importance of local affairs rather than valuing the facts and figures of the universal existence. The imaginative arrogant character stress the negative aspects more in reality.

How GOD Represents ?

The following concepts develop the periodical acqusition of GOD in the people mind along with some rituals action.
In order to control and unite the people, some unknown representation evolve among the groups in their living areas. Even within that groups, some miscreants would try to loot and destroy others in favour of the looters.

The miscreant disrupts all other people with his desired manner. In the form of God, the disorderly people would control by other people . In every living areas, power had been to some unknown and known name in the name of GOD.

Whatever the advantages and disadvantages occur during the course of their life time, it is happening due to the existence of God. Birth and Death of the people are mainly existing only by the action of God. ‘The existence of everything is in the name of God.’ This is the quote is perpetuated year after year in the areas where they live.

God represents everything in his surrounding places. The development of human cuktures is in the form of GOD in the living areas. It is strssed by other people and their group leaders that by uttering the name of God would give more advantage for their living standards. This sort of trend would frame from their mind and grow peacefully from their childhood.

All should realise and follow the principles of existence of God everywhere. Disobeying the existence of the god and the periodical rituals would generate good of everything and, without that,the cause all the evils would exist in their surroundings. Hence this sort of practice prevails every generation. This promotes the concept of existence of GOD in all areas.

The believers of all the local groups in their living areas formed a group to pray at a common place called Churches, Mosques, Temples, Gurudwars, Buddhists statue etc.,

It should promote the concept of Universal existence with unified forces rather than splitting among themselves to show their individual superiority.

Economical Frame

The basic necessity for fulfilment is the core activities of Human beings. The search for survivial is the periodical upgradation of human kind. Of course, the challenges for every generation is somehow varied from one generation after another.
Rich acquire all luxury items what is currently available in the market. The variations among the poor and rich, politically influenced and the lay person, living in rural and urban areas, year after year , centuries after centuries is extremely varied with the exsting trends.
The variations is quite elongating as long as the technical upgradation in the present level.The concept which is quite unknown is economic affairs. The economical concept is valued by human beings is purely based upon what he is obtained from the natural things and human beings shape the things in accordance with his preferences and usage level. Some products and materials are measured from physical availability. Some services are categorically termed as nominal which is clearly non-visible and uttered some name ‘ GOODWILL ‘ etc., based upon the usage of the services human valuation.

Whenever the natural destruction occurs with the possession of human beings, the value of the materials cannot estimate with accuracy. The Human being challenges with natural resources is ever encouraging attitude. The so called valuable produuct in their possession is again to be reshaped and rebuild for its utility.
The economic therory is based upon the utility of the products and services. We have to face the consequences of economic impact with the skills and at the time of its vallue.

As all living things require water for survival, the human beings also live near the perennial water availability places. The natural plants can live only upto the water in its parts. The animals are also to survive with water. Without wet and water in any living places would be barren land.
The Economic coverages for the wealthy people of top of 5% is high on the ecological spoilages. The products and services availed by the top most people are heavy in number. The Ecological destruction in terms of products usages by the rich people are always accumulating in bulk quantity in their storages.
The Economic wastages for performing all religious activities is always in catastrophic condition with environmental pollution. All pathetic situation for all level of people are directly or indirectly controlled by all religious perpetuator.
Their failure in the life aggravation are due to failure in performing some religious ritual. Hence, all situation in environmental destruction like storm, floods, earthquake are occurred only because of non-performing religious rituals.
The Economical factors are always in accordance with utilising the natural resources for the benefits of the human beings.
The Products what we require for every day purpose always is exchanged with the money what the country ruling agencies adopted in common. Whoever is having more quantity, they tried to exchange with other commodities what they were required immediately. This sort of activities were in quarrel in most of the times in favour of certain vulnerable people.


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