RBI Decision on Repo Rate.
The decision of Repo Rate interest levied by RBI on long and short term loan is not changed in the monetary in the Monetary Policy Committee.

The word ‘ DECISION ‘is described as ‘ Deci(de) + (posses)sion ‘.

The decision what we have made on any situation is the determination of our life style.

Let us discuss the word ‘ decision ‘ with the fact that it denotes the ‘ deciding ‘ factors with the ‘ possession ‘ what we have in nominal value of the situation.

The ‘ decision ‘ can also split as :

‘ de+cide with posses+sion ‘.

The English prefix word ‘ de ‘ which means ‘ off ‘ or ‘ from ‘ the situation. The prefix is used in deduce, deject, devoid etc.,
The word ‘ cide ‘ originates from latin word ‘ caedere ‘
which means to kill, to join together these two ‘ de + cide ‘ words denote ‘ away from the killing situation ‘.

Similarly, the word posessing can be halved into
‘ posses+sion’.
Yes, the present position of RBI is to keep unchange the repo rate on the banks for avoiding any disastrous way.

What we have at present situation, we have to take a decision on the present circumstance in accordance with existing affairs.

Expecting the interest rate hike by RBI or reducing it will be the determinant position of our economical position of our country.

The interest is the nominal word like, wages salary, commision etc., fixing in terms of cash value. It is either increase or decrease in only nomenclature.

The categorical position of the RBI is to adjust with the cash value in tune the nominal values.

The present position of RBI is to keep unchanged the repo rate for avoiding any disastrous way.

The inflation rate is projected from downwards.

The MSP, Minimum Support Price , for farmers should be increased at least from the current level by minimising
middle men intervention.


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