Daily Notes

Daily Notes

The Word ‘ Pros and Con ‘ is derived from latin language with the meaning of ‘ for and against’.

We may also express the meaning in the following manner.

The ‘ daily notes ‘ brings cheerful way of bring positiveness to us.

The word ‘ prosperity ‘ brings welfare to our position in all ways. The word prosperity can split as prosper+(qual)ity.
We know the quality of any human beings get the circumstances of the qualified level. After getting the adequate qualification and in depth knowledge in the subjects only, we would get prosper in any situation.
We will make all effort for getting qualification for achieving prosperity. Qualification is , not only to be defined as acquiring degrees, further knowledge of the relevant subjects.

The Word ‘ Construct ‘ can be halved as Con(sign)+(in)struct to have proper build up of any position. We have to make necessary arrangement for getting certain level what we require in day to day activities.
Though the word ‘ con ‘ meaning ‘ against ‘ in latin language. Against all negative aspects, we have to construct from zero to one.

” Analyse every action with pros and con ”

and achieve the target what we require.


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