J    –  Joining

O   –  Of

B   –  Birthright

S   –  Systematically.
Of course, The only moving living things  in the world is humans being with the focus of the livelihood along with comfort zone by analysing the historical elements with the present concept of living standards by expecting better future in the world. 
With the posession of biological information trend, Human beings are concentrating more on equipped facilities by availing all the materials.
Hence, the variations of welfare affairs are existing among the people in various ways. The earning capacity, the major holding from the ancestral property, the technical knowhow of certain mechanised operation for sophisticated levels of living, the information gathered on account of fulfilling basic necessitity, looting the people with all sort of illegal treatments, categories fixed with the people by superior and inferior, rich becomes rich poor becomes are the main cause of variations economical development. 
The System in our country is periodically developed on these factors. 


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