Words (an Acrostic Poem)

Words (an Acrostic Poem)    Wandering along this winding road  Over hallowed hills carrying my ethereal load  Rivers of tears overflowed into the sea  Disheartened, but encouraged by the prevailing breeze  Secretly, I keep sailing toward her sacred tree  Tullawalla is Available From Jaymah Press:https://www.jaymahpress.com.au/ Ivor Steven: email, ivorrs20@gmail.com Amazon: search via, ‘Tullawalla by Ivor Steven’ ANDPerceptions is […]

Words (an Acrostic Poem)

WORDS in Acrostic Poetry

With Operations Registry Design System

Wide Onto Regulate Directional Sources

Waiting On Regular Deviation Signals

Worthy Of Ruling Developmental Stages.


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