WIND in Acrostic Poetry
Waves of Oxygenation in the Air
Ways of Living together as a Human Beings
With Operational excellence in Historical
Wide Variety of differentiation as a Specious.
Inaugural session was not known Everywhere
Iniatives part in Every moment in Line
Interested in doing on all occasional access
Inhabited formation for our Life time.
Notions of Ecological balances action everywhere
National geographic location is our Allocation
Nuances of Terminology we design ourselves
Number of devices preparations is our exploitation .
Directional transmission is strictly our systems
Determination and dedication is our way of Life
Doing good in Action is Really our Genuine Options on
Dedicated team Service is to regulate our Family Way.


செயல் மன்ற பதிவர் - செ ம SEYALMANTRAM. 24 Subha Akila Nagar Airport TRICHY. TAMILNADU INDIA

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