Mild Moments for Us.

Silvery Moon Shining face.
Chilling planet Smiling Ever.
Gilting Gold Covered Body
Mild Moments for Us.

Dear friends Yours action
Bearing all day and night
Wearing Connecting Serving Relation
Near Everything and Everywhere.

Inner Heart Healthy Events
Thinner than your tissues
Runner serving in Muscles
Winner for your Service.

Old Memories Holding minutes
Mould  infinite number of ways
Folded Productions Wavelengths Norms
Hold your Support Format.

G-Generate Your Moral account
O-Operate from Merciful opening
D-Directly Evolve Positive Response
God Good Blessings 💕🙏 Signals.



செயல் மன்ற பதிவர் - செ ம SEYALMANTRAM. 24 Subha Akila Nagar Airport TRICHY. TAMILNADU INDIA

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