BITS ; BYTES ; துளிகள் & துளி , துளியாய்.


துளிகள் & துளி , துளியாய் .

BITS – Billions of Instructions Term into System

B – Billions (of)
I – Instructions
T – Term ( into)
S – System.

BYTES – Bytes Yield Terminology Expandable System.

B – Bits
Y – Yield
T – Terminology
E – Expandable
S – System.


துளிகளின் உலகம் .

Yes , It is a bits world.

The present generation is involving themselves in

the system of Bits and Bytes Operation.

This article writer in computer involvement was started in the year 1988, when our was introducing the calculation of time sheet for artisans with their actual work done during the artisans working time. It was quite interesting. At that time, main frame was available only at Head Quarters. The calculation of the entire staff was enumerated at a fixed date before the pay day.

During that period, training was given to us for the computers to work in word star for writing letters in the olden format.

This Bits & Byte is being in our track ever since. Of course, the working was drastically reduced from the clerical level upto the top level administration.

But, the employment opportunities for the younger generation was not in our vicinity with the existing population of any country.

The Human being are opting permanent solution for any level of work. When the New Automation is introduced, the existing opportunities for that work is being eliminated. With the advent of tiller machinery tillage machine is replaced for ploughing in farming.

In the same way, digging of soil in the groundwork is being replaced with Bulldozers.

This bulldozer operations is being operated with the minimum efforts with the massive completion of work of work, this is also reduced the employment opportunities for the ground diggers regular income.

The reform whatsoever we have undertaken in renovating new ideas that will bring to new arena with sophisticated level. For e.g., when we have bicycles, we are not favoured our walking atmosphere. When we have other mode of operations with any kind of energy, we are preferring the fastest movement.

Now we are in bits and bytes movement. The Algorithms may maintain the entire movement with digital mode of operations with more number of bits and bytes beyond the Brontobytes. i.e., 1 GeopByte.