Seyal Mantram Comments in Indian Express Editorial

My Comments in e-Indian Express paper.


Election 2019 has further powered the already strong
Leadership of Narendra Modi:

The Lengthy promise of the Political leaders at the centre should accelerate the growth of the
upliftment of the people with the monetary strength from the bottom most level.

5 % of the Indian country wealth is holding 50% of the Indian properties.

Whereas, Out of the remaining 95% of the people, 85% percentage of the people is just holding 5 % of the Indian National wealth.

The identification of the people should be viewed, monitor and promote the welfare of the people
with the natural environmental beneficiary system.

Title :
New Government at centre should focus on
Land and Labour reforms:

The Jubilant mood on the result of Lok sabha Elections could not be celebrated moment for the people of India what it was viewed and
what happened in the financial structure of the previous 5 years ruling.

The lament blaming on the previous Government on the economical and political structure, with the present scenario could not be made in the present tenure of ruling.

Providing loans to the people is not a job creation method with innovation mode for all the people for the solution of major unemployment crisis existing all over the world with the Digital operations.

Land for utilising with sufficient coverage of food with natural agricultural growth along with the environmental factors should be taken into consideration.

Labour motivation is the major source of capitalistic form of increasing the social capital.


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