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My comment in indianexpress e paper
In Good faith: Gandhi and the varna question

The Gandhi or any proponents in terms of their scrips and the opinions is to be adopted for moral characters with dignified manner. We have to adhere to the principles and policy and to the present trend. The Discrimination and the talk on the history of caste and all their colourful.supremacy and the inferior concepts should not be highlighted. Be a Humanistic approach towards all as equal before diagonising any categorical arrangement to the present day movement.

Replied to the Comments on my writings in indianexpress
For the Title Star-studded CVs and Moral numbness

Your understanding on the subject and the author’s point of views are perfectly on the right track for selecting the people with ethical standards. The point on which I stress for having a person to equip himself to motivate for acquiring the maximising the attitude with positive skills and knowledge based on the institutional objectives.

Love of Labour
The Labour participation in the managerial activities should stimulate from the labour welfare point of views. The Top level promoters accumulate their wealth in all business activites, where as the labour who are toiling their entire life for the improvemental of the concerned business firms are the least bothered from the birds eye view approach.

Star-studded CVs and moral numbness

It is a fact that the society at large to have immediate attention to the drastic movement against the normal position. Normalacy will not bring immediate concerned to any one at the time of crisis. In the same way, as mentioned in this article, The framing of questioning at any level of operation is purely based upon the individual capacity. In Acrostic pattern, ASK, the word, may define as Attitude, Skills and Knowledge. These Three strategical points will be the criteria for the individual to select and frame the question based on the temparament at the moment, the skills what the individual possess and the Knowledge what is accumulated on the subjects. The War, on the otherhand can define in Acrostic pattern is as Wild Atrocities Renewal. The negative accumulation will explode immediately without any hesitation. Let us have Framed question with periodical suggestion.


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