My Comments in The Hindu Business Line

My comments in the hindu businessline
Tax on free services: PMO set to wade into ₹40,000 cr spat between banks, revenue dept

Taxing on people for rendering services to the Banking account holders with minimum account balances is favouring to the top level 5% wealthy and rich people. Inviting lay people to digital transaction is already a cumbersome task on many issues. After demonetisation, there are lot of people opened the bank account and transact the bank account with minimum balance only. Still, many people are not in a position to transact in ATM counters. Free services is the only favourable condition to encourage all non-banking account holders to have account in banks. NPA on collecting from the defaulters accounts loan on many aspects leads to disastrous situation in monetary values Adequate steps should be taken to collect the defaulters accounts holders debt account with severe action.

My comments on the Topic Costly Failure in
The Hindu Business line

The Job opportunity in the form of Digital Wave is to be the timely initiatiive for promoting Network facilities in Rural and Urban areas. Investment made by for having adequate installed capacity in the Digital affairs along with the Agriculture development is the most essential form to be framed at present, for providing adequate employment opportunities in India. The popularity of the private sector in the Digital plan should be curtailed with the low cost initiative to the customers with the varios schemes.

My comments on the article in the HINDU paper.
The RBI concedes a vital principle

The revised action taken on the recent meeting held between the finance ministry and RBI is on the positive track if the capital adequacy ratio is maintaining as prescribed in the basel forms, and the same is also to be implemented properly by the banks. Banks should focus on reducing its costs by selling its non-core assets. RBI actions should make consultative steps and try to link the banks with finance ministry for reducing the risk involved in monetary aspects to a large extent.

My Comments in RBI board meet underway to discuss key issues

The GDP Growth rate stated by for SME is categorically low in valuations, as compared in other countries. The Evaluations of Statistical measures is not upto that level for calculating GDP in any country. As stated by Diane Coyle in her book GDP, ‘ It falls short in measuring intangible benefits., the character of the economy is changing. , . , SME accounting factors is not upto the level for import and export valautions. The liquidity in MSME financial sectors is not the way in which the enumerative of accounting GDP terms.

My comments in Gaps in RBI’s policy framework

Collecting data’s on our financial system is not apparent in many fields. As rightly mentioned in the articles, the flow of capital for MSME into their financial operations is meagre and that account maintenance for the generation of funds, distribution to the business activities is not clear on many occasions. The accountal particulars of these firms calculations viewing from central bank is not accurate. The integrated financial system for many firms need to be strengthened.


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