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Modi 2.0 must do something to improve ‘well-being’
of an ordinary Indian:

Income for all can only generate
with natural environmental growth
by preserving the natural resources,
not by startup in the way of providing loans
to some greedy people
who are showing their whims
and fancies in the name of collateral securities.

Modi 2.0 must do.something to improve ‘well-being’
of an ordinary Indian:

It is time to realise the impact
of our Country’s development
in terms of real growth with
employment generation in the
fixed income upward mobilty
for all kinds of people.

Is it possible that GDP was over-estimated and no
one knew about it, including economists in govt?

The GDP in real sense, as furnished in this article, is not estimating the real growth of our economy.

It is a figure in terms of productions level with our miniscule estimation of human knowledge in economic perspective.

A Human being productional capacity in the terms of National Income can measure in terms of worthiness of the person’s possession level.

Whereas Nation as a whole, it is difficult to judge in Genuine Progress Indication.

Particularly, The National Environmental Impact in climate changes, as a result of which, the estimation made by our economists could not measure very accurately.

Let us find some find some new method of calculation on these measurements.

Too good to be true :

This article is timely present
for renewal of educational policy
with educational department it self.
DNEP is to focus on
scientific community development
in real sense with the statewise
culture with the focus on unit y
as the real strength of our country.

India’s GDP growth: New evidence for fresh beginnings:

Expenditure based estimates
as rightly pointed out in this
article can focus some reality.


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