FARM – Discussion in hindu paper

15 12 2018
Discussion in the hindu for the title
‘Farming in a warming world’

FARM, may be called in ACROSTIC pattern as
‘ For Agricultural Realistic Momentum’.
Yes, the land for realistic growth for our country is suitable for Agriculture movements. Naturally, Our land is fit for farmers. Nearly, still 65 percentage of our people involve in farming activities.
As mentioned in the articles,
the diversified action is to be stimulated for the climatic levels adaptation in various farming activittes in our country.
National mission for distribution of Rivers in the form of Inland water passages is to be estimated and implemented immediately for resolving the present crisis in the climatic and structural changes.
State action plan for changing the local environmental is to be designed for regular action, without any political intervention for continuation of these FARM, For Agricultural Realistic Momentum.


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