Discussion on Treacherous political terrain in

Deccan chronicle article on treacherous political terrain in 2019. 13 DEC 2018

The political drama for ruling our country as ever is in the stage of at present is worst and best is yet to come. The central and state political parties alliance formation is to give acceptance to rule in central for centralised ruling parties and for having the strategical demand for ruling in all states level ruling parties. This is the trend prevailing in our country for the last 40 years nearly. Secular state of india and religion based attachment is the main concern for centralised ruling parties and statewise attachment is making the regional language as the main issue at the time of election for the statewise parties. The biggest concern of stabilising our country in the ecological and natural development, employment opportunities for the people, feasibility of having industrial belts, perennial salvation of water issues are completely ignored by political parties at all level. Criticising the opponent parties after the allaince setup, the ruling party blame the system of governance of the previous government is the routine event of our poltical system. Our political parties atleast at present must realise the essential issues and understand the reality of our country without cheating the people in all the forthcoming elections.


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