Discussion on the Hindu.paper-New Political Landscape.

Discussion on the hindu in Hues of a new political landscape.

Any party which is having the tendency of ruling the country for maximum years is the phenomenal strategy in our political system. Our country people is to decide the fate of our political parties based on only the integrity of welfaring scheme with permanent structure of natural existences. The existence of our parties are functioning on language, creed, caste etc., It is the fate of our country. Every ruling parties is dominanting and spreading their wings based on only with the state wise penetration. Supporting one parties from the electoral system of our country is being activated upon the ruling strategy is nothing but hijacking the rulers favour instead of people welfare . The system of our existing infrasture facilties with natural capital of our country should be the deciding factors rather than the existing affairs of ruling parties with language wise, statewise, castewise religionwise, etc.,


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