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Activists bat for water conservation, ground water repletion – India Today

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The ground water level is decreasing day by day year by year in all areas in our country. The cyclical action is required for improving the ground water level. The present trend of our country is digging borewell in every house for all purposes. Due to this, the availability of the ground water is not up to the level for basic quantity requirement. The inland inter linking the river and rain water is the best solution for all purposes such as inland water transportation facilities and with this inter connection of river water, the availability of water is also improving in the connected areas, the water may be available continously throughout the year for cultivations etc., The continous action is required for sustainable operation without any political interferences by the changing the political parties for every five year in the event of the electoral changes. The awareness for these schemes are being made even in Trichy by water organisation called
*Thaneer Amaippu *in Tamil. The India Today conclave South 2018 is also creating awareness for the depletion of ground water level.

Panacea that isn’t

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The title chosen for the topic is amazing. The Institution which comes under the ministries of Government india to obey the rulers who are promptly selected by the people of India. The poltical regulation is being implemented by the parliamentarians. The People Lokpal bill is referred to as the Citizens Ombudsmans bill which is a draft for anti-corruption bill. The main purpose of the bill was to decrease the overall corruption for listening the grievances of the citizens of this country. It is learnt that the bill was passed before parliament eight times before comes into effect in late 2013. The Lokball bill is to be passed with that the integrity of the nation is the primary concern of all the people irrespective of the post what they hold at present. Power with proper check and balances is the only solution to avoid monstrosity.


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