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புத்தக உலகம் புத்துயிர் பெறுமா?
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புதிய உலகம் பெற புது அகமாக உருவாகும். இயற்பியல் துறையில் முனைவர் பெற்ற ஒரு விஞ்ஞானி, மரபணு குறித்து * மரபணு இயந்திரம் * என்ற நூல் எழுதுகிறார் என்றால் புத்தகம், ஒரு மிகப் பெரிய மாற்றத்தை கொடுத்து நோபல் பரிசு வரை பெற்று உள்ளது. அறிவு பெறுவது, நூலை ஆர்வத்துடன் படிப்பதினால் தான் நிலை பெறும். அறிவுலகில் சிறந்து விளங்க நூலகம் மிகப் பெரிய பங்கு அளிக்கிறது. * புதிய உலகமாக * என்ற தமிழ்ச் சொல்லை கரந்துறையில் பதிவதது எனில்

க-கடமையாகும். * எனக்கூறலாம்.

புது அகத்தை நன்மையாக்குவதும், தீமையான செயல்களுக்கு பயன்படுத்துவதும் அவரவர்களின் செயல்பாடுகளே.

Fifth column: The wrong constitutional amendment

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Whoever come to politics, they would end to their scheme by announcing populist schemes to their group in any form. The country’s norms and conditions for laying the constitutions can extent their levels to the farthest without any common understanding.

Recommended, with some reservations

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The genuine debate on account of job provisions is to be made on actual growth with real iniative of the people who involve enthuiastically.

A right under siege
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The failure action against the ruling party is a regular occurrence in our country politics. The RTI is the event in which the recorded informations can be obtained from the relevant department within a certain period of time. When the informations is being obtained for noble purposes, the act is good for all occassons. The interference of regular work in the concerned department should take into consideration for getting the adequate information.

Hopes, fears dominate the new 2019 narrative

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Whoever appears in the political arena, the status of the democracy remains the same. The HOPE may utter in positive in the people’s point of view is as follows: Handing Of Promise (in) Elections could not achieve with in this period. Give us another 5 years, we will do it with hope. The same will repeat after 5 years. FEAR, may express as For Effective Assured Regulation, If the opposition comes into participate the democracy. This is the practice of democractic attitude of the rulers.

Slipping on quota

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Caste, in terms of Acrostic pattern can express in the following manner: Categorically Assessed Society’s Territorial Existence. The Assessment of People group into the existence is to be measured in terms of numbers. People in favour of societal status claiming must not come into the picture of economical deprivations category. The groups in favour of caste, creed etc., should not be divided in terms of the profession of work culture. When a country is to be claimed into a secular status on what account the people of our country should be segregated in terms of castes with the enrolment in the schools and colleges as long as they live in our country. We must understand the reality of our existence in the universe with integrated aspects rather than segregation.


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