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Topic: Think Like a Civilisation

THINK, in terms of Acrostic we may call as

We gather knowledge based on our existing deterministic arrogance.The peace need to stay here for ever without if and but.

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Conversations benefit journalism

The Visual media penetrates into the real motion picture through TV is maximising the drama and boosting the happenings.The Paper reporters, on the otherhand, find the reality of the situation in a condensed action certain situation.

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Ganga basin States stare at three-fold rise in failures by 2040?

The River water which need to be protected at this juncture is essential for the present and future generations of our country. The Industrial Establishment for business activities is mounting up their action everywhere. The Government, on the other hand, promotes the infrastructure facilities in full swing. The River water is mingling with the waste water from the industrial and residential is our regular features of our living conditions. If not now, when will the unified action will enforce the regularity in safeguarding the River water?

Ganga basin States stare at three-fold rise in crop failures by 2040

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Let them eat JAM

Digital Age brings uniformity in Data collection in various methods through digital operation. Digital economy flourishes on its track without natural improvement in Agricultural.sectors which requires to be fulfilled for our survival. The present Government perpetuates the digital operation is the need of the hour to perform various functionalities. JAM can increase the job operations for the youngsters those who are involving in the digital activities.

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Is the unemployment crisis for real?

The meaningful measurement of providing employment is still missing at the grass root level. The Government is not having adequacy to fulfill the  employment opportunities with relevance to the youth capability along with their talent. The demand for the adequacy of filling the vacancies in relevance with the present trend of job is ever increasing. The entire blame to the job seekers is not correct. The Computerisation in every stages is maximising the un employment Levels.

Those days , shouting in front of Govt. Ins., to provide job was every where. Nowadays, at the government level, the greatest task for the government to the youth is only providing and arranging loans. The Skill training task providing by the government is the  recent steps in tune with the youth for improving the skills.


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