Daily Notes – Child

The human kind is actually interesting stages for learning the reality. The present situation of learning sometimes spoil their ability and focus on memorising the facts. The facts ofcourse know the value, but the action based on the facts is not really upto the level of implementation. The stages where they really act only when they are in the field of making the things which is in the stages of implementation.

Some countries focus their attention in the field of education in their surroundings and the position of the universe as a whole. The child word is derived from Greek word pais , which means small.

The word as per the Acrostic pattern may be noted as below

C – Character

H – Having

I – In

L – Learning

D – Design.

Yes, the character is moulding in according with learning atmosphere with his own understanding. The actual development is what is  actually implemented in the situation he faced in reality.




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