A Self-Goal for india The Hindu paper today.

A Self-Goal for India

The statistical figures for indian economic
growth is not enumerated properly as
it should be in numerical value for judging the GDP norms and conditions as prevailing else where in the world. Investment analysis and savings to GDP
Ratio is not upto the level by the present and previous government.

Proclaiming highest performance in terms of GDP growth is with the base year from 2004 – 2005 to 2013 – 2014 and from 2014, not supportive with the figures. The shocking statistical figures on GDP is self analysis of the government with the exaggerated measurement with the slow agriculture, industrial production.

The job growth is the basis for valuing the real economy of our country with the increasing number of agricultural labourers entering into non-agricultural areas for their survival year by year, as noted by the Prof. Santosh Mehrotra.

Our country people should find the reality.


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